Paramedical Services

Urine Drug Testing

  • Non-Dot - for personal use, employment purposes, instant results, 9 panel screening

  • DOT - for work related purposes for the department of transportation employers, 5 panel screening

We use a lab for DNA testing that gives 99.9999% accuracy. DNA Paternity

testing can be done for non-legal purposes, private need to know, or for legal

purposes, meaning court admissible. The specimens are sent out to a lab and

we generally get test results back in 72 hours after the lab receives the

specimens to be tested. All testing and results are kept confidential. In our society today we have the ability to do DNA testing that will show an alleged father is or isn’t the biological father of the child. Call our office for additional information and the cost for the services. Our staff also completes specialty Blood Draws for outside labs. The client can bring their kit to us and we will draw the tubes needed and then ship them out to the designated lab for them. The client is responsible for paying for the venipuncture and handling of their kit at the time of service unless other arrangements were made to bill a third party. 

DKN Paramedical Services

DNA Testing

  • Affordable and Confidential

  • Fast and painless

  • DNA Cells are collected with a buccal swab

  • Highest Accuracy

  • Benefits of Paternity Testing – Child Support, Child Custody, Inheritance

  • Need to know and Peace of mind

​We provide quality collections and accurate test results. Our office staff is trained and certified to complete urine drug collections for NON-DOT and DOT testing purposes. We can also complete instant urine drug test results. If the instant test shows a presumed positive result, we send the ​specimen to Quest Diagnostics Lab for confirmation. We have trained staff to collect DNA samples using the buccal swab method. This is a simple and painless procedure using cotton swabs to collect cells from inside the mouth.